15 Minutes – Why is this 15 minutes so precious to sawant?08:37

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Published on April 9, 2017

Happiness is an art of life and routines are part of life. Presently, our life is so frenetic, and it will be more in future as well. Every single second counts. We calculate our daily equation, just to save few minutes and bestow it for our personal requisites. But sometimes we fail to reach our goal or somebody else fails to see our efforts. This short film -15minutes|emotional full, reflects every common  man’s  story by depicting Sawant Sahab’s daily struggle. Sawant is a commoner living in Mumbai, chasing behind time just to save “15 Minutes” out of his daily docket.

We all know Mumbai is known for it’s fast life. Why is this 15 minutes so precious to sawant? What is it, that is going to change in this 15 minutes? What sawant is upto? So  let’s check out, whether Sawant will be successful over winning his ‘15 minutes’ or not! If yes, then how?

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