5 Most Intriguing Topics for Your First Short Film

Published on June 26, 2017

Are you all set for ‘Lights, Camera and Action’ thing? Becoming a short filmmaker is not a walkover but it’s not a rocket science either. If the balloons of creativity are bursting inside your mind, you need to set them free and let the world see how far you can take your unique ideas. The first short film is always special for every filmmaker in the industry.

How to Find the Best Topics for the First Short Film?

Everything starts with an idea. A creative idea germinates in your mind and then you organize the rest of the stuff to implement that idea. The elementary factors of the short filmmaking include getting an idea, scripting, arranging finance, location exploration, gathering the needed accessories, pre-production, shoot, post-production and marketing. Scripting is the base on which you complete film stands. In the first place, what matters is a unique idea that is sellable.

The ideas or topics come from nowhere but your life and surroundings only. Whatever you see or experience can be turned into a great short film topic. Considering the present scenario, there are few most sellable topics that can be chosen to grab some thousands of views on YouTube or any digital platform or make the grade at any film festival. Here are 5 best topics for your first short film. Check them out.

  • Social Cause – Yeah, the topics is in the buzz for a few years. You can choose the social causes like Feminism, Women Issues, Rape, Child Labor, Save Water, Dowry, Helping the Underprivileged and so forth. Such topics do wonders if executed in a right manner.
  • Love and Lust – Intimacy and relationship topics are sellable for many decades. Many social platforms like YouTube and Facebook are showered with the love and lust related videos. These emotions are intense and very much sellable.
    Fun with Friends – If you are capable of making people laugh by bringing some awesome funny ideas on the table then you can rule the digital platforms and grab lots of views. Call your crazy squad and make a hilarious video with some solid punch lines.
  • Natural Documentaries – If you want to showcase your creativity to the world without any resource and a show-string movie budget then the natural documentary can be your pick. You can explore some locations and make a good script and then pull your camera to shoot some live videos and natural shots.
  • Go with the Flow – It’s possible to go viral in no time but for that, you need to go with the flow. Do a good research on the trending topics and single out the best one to give your best shot.

No matter you want to move ahead in this career just to pursue your passion or set some serious moneymaking goals with your creativity; you need to remain honest about your creation. When you put your heart, soul, and mind behind your first short film, sooner or later, it will be noticed and your efforts will be saluted.

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