Aai(The Mother- in Marathi language)14:20

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Published on June 2, 2017

Mother! The first word uttered by every baby on this earth in her/his style. Mother- The first beautiful word in English followed by love, compassion, eternity and patience. Mum, is the truest friend we have. When misfortune takes the place of prosperity, when our friends abandon us, when we fail in our work and trouble shoot on our head, she still clings on us and counsels us to come out of the darkness and learn from these lessons. Our every story is incomplete without our mother because every portrait begins with her.

‘Aai’ is an animated short film designed and directed by Aroop Dwivedi. It delineates mother’s unconditional love towards her child, right from giving birth till the date she withers and die. Every phase of mother’s responsibility is beautifully brandished, every emotion cuddles one’s heart. Aroop Dwivedi took over 3 years to complete this short film. The entire short movie is hand written and each sketch is drawn on one sheet of an A4. Thus, making this movie a really huge success.

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