Acme – The Awakening story of an Artist05:27

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Published on April 26, 2017

ACME is a serious, sharply mounted story that gets more intriguing as it moves along. The short film is about an Artist who is insecure about his face. The insecurity seems to affect his art work severely as all his art work on the wall interpret misery. The hesitancy of the artist is well illustrated in the beginning of the movie where artist’s face is covered while creating a portrait of a boy. The boy seems to be terrified as soon he looks at the artist’s face and he drops his superhero magazine and leaves the place immediately. The artist feels disappointed and frustrated about his face. And after looking into the magazine left by a boy. The realization and transformation the artist goes through is exciting and a must watch in the movie.

The Short film tries to evoke the importance of self acceptance. And tells if we look at our problem in different perspective we will be able to embrace all the challenges and be our own hero.

‘Acme’ short film is written by Piyush Rishi and Directed by Aditya Sharma. Acme has won Gold film of the year in Amateur Film making category at India Film Project 2016.

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