Bojh(The Burden)- Different phases of life cranked by woman.31:20

Published on May 27, 2017

Women- confined within the four walls of home, who has been declared as a ‘home maker’ is been burdened with the responsibilities of her family and where the family lives. For many thousands of years, men have been declared as a ‘bread winners’ in families that has suppressed the equality and dignity of women being a house wife. In rural part of India, women are still treated as labours without pay at home. This short film ”Bojh” directed by Kshitij Sharma depicts a status of women, who is been neglected by her over ambitious husband , bhumi fights hard to find some meaning in her monotonous life burdened with the responsibilities of being a wife, daughter-in-law and mother in rural areas of Rajasthan. Bhumi gets tormented by her depraved father-in-law who looks over the ladies of his own family through cruddy eyes. The actress Deeya Dey has done a tremendous job. This is a Award winning short film with more than 10k views.

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