Chutney-The condiment which emphasizes the bitsy thing into lusty epiphany.

Published on March 8, 2017

A woman is a mixture of all the condiments just like a “chutney”. She capers all the roles in any situation to bulwark her Family, Love , Respect and Integrity. So here’s the story from model town that depicts Tisca Chopra who’s feining as a passé wife of Adil Hussain, where her spouse  has an affair with Dugal. Dugal makes friendly prelude to Chopra at a neighbourhood get-together. The next day, Dugal makes her way to Chopra’s home.

At the beginning hesitantly, anticipatorily enjoying the chutney and pakoras auscultates towards  Chopra’s husband ,shares a story of love and betrayal leaving behind a sleezy end, making her go patrified, abscond trail a question what secrets she might know?

The story “Chutney”, by the name itself  describes, as a mixture of spice, tangy, sweet and little sour just that makes our taste buds Charleston on its own kaput that leaves us aghast, thirsty and  agog to know it more.

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