Closet Space03:09

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Published on May 17, 2017

Everyone, in the soft corner of their heart, fear exists, when it is triggered by any situation, we blow up. This story, somewhere in a part of world will make you puzzled for a minute. When a couple moves into a new apartment, where, a mystery of ‘closet’ begins. When you place something in your closet, it get’s doubled and doubled, how fascinating it is! But, what if you place a human in there? So, here’s a short film, ’closet space’ directed by David .F. Sandbeg which will make you baffled with it’s horror.

This film maker also has his first piece ‘lights out’, has been made into Hollywood movie. This short film has taken it’s new place, more likely in a twilight zone rather than horror this time. The mixture of Music, Drama and Story is been put into right direction, the end will ascond a flabbergast on your brains, as what exactly is happening and what happened.

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