Cuddly- A Terribly Tiny Tale.05:33

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Published on June 5, 2017

‘Cuddly’ is a short, simple and sweet terribly tiny tale that drives us towards our old memories. It is simply a chat between mother-daughter which belabours mother’s unconditional love. A sweet conversation ends up teaching us lot many stuffs more than we can imagine. Neena Kulkarni, Marathi actress, plays an over protected, classic and cryptic mother who worries about her over-worked daughter. The short film pivots how technologically fond mothers react over high-tech gadgets these days. Shruthi Vyas frames a role of young graduate working in marketing field. Mothers always worry about their child and best way to show their love is by urging them to eat home food.

The short film directed by Karan Shetty, also portray her desire to help her daughter that might ease her burden. A beautiful motherly feature is manifested. Irrespective of her capability, she still tries to help her out to prepare for her presentation, just like viva teacher at school. The ending is just astounding, the daughter rests on her mother’s lap explaining about the advantages of ‘cuddly’ the bassinet, it has 40 different lullabies for the child and pillow takes over the shape of baby’s head. Fascinated over the details of bassinet when mother starts speaking, the daughter falls asleep on her mother’s lap, the most alluring ‘Cuddly’ which is priceless and god’s gift to every fortunate mother.

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