Jedarabale- There is a story behind every crime and criminal22:15

Published on June 11, 2017

The Kannada short film ‘Jedarabale’ is realistic and engaging. It’s a story about prisoner Chandranna who will be sentenced to death. But there will be still hope as pardon letter will be submitted to president requesting remission, mercy certificate. He will be mentally broken, regretting for the crime he committed, suffering for almost 6 years in prison. The constable who is Gandhian principle follower gives him some confidence and tells him to be positive and hope for the best and he also explains that in his view, An eye for an eye will only make world blind. So there should be no law that takes life. But Chandranna disagrees with him telling that it is a just a punishment for a crime he committed. He also tells, Hanging is not painful but every minute spent expecting it is more painful and biggest punishment.

So after all of these struggles will Chandranna get second chance, will his repentance for years be valued by government with mercy certificate and can he get his lost life back is a must watch in the well presented short film.

Overall, the short film ‘Jedarabale’ by Manju H S has a novel approach in not just story-telling, but the plot itself and the drawbacks of the law are covered up quite cleverly.

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