Kamera-An award winning short film.16:50

Published on November 7, 2017

In this hard grappling world, we forget to smile and stay positive. All we have filled our lives is with stress and frustrations. But, children never forget to smile and make others smile unaware of their surrounded sufferings.

Kamera is a story of 12 year old boy produced by PuraniDilitalkies.com who works in garbage dump and stays in slum with his mother. Both had different field of vision about life where one was filled with positive vibes and the other with frustrations and burdened up with responsibilities. Little boy had  only dream to bring smile on everybody’s face which was disliked by his mother. One day he and his friend finds a digital camera in a dump yard, his friend introduces this as a ‘smile chaperoning gadget’, by telling him a fact that, whom ever you point with camera will smile looking at it. Keeping this in his mind, he plans to make his mother smile. But unfortunately, his mother sells it to garbage collector and all his dreams pulverized. What happens next is the twist hidden in the film. The only theme of the story is how the kid achieves his dream. ‘When life gives us very reason to be negative, we must think of all the reasons to be positive, because there’s always someone who has worse time’.

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