Laali- a piece of peace showered by mother over her baby’s cry.06:38

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Published on April 12, 2017

The love of a mother for her child is undeniably the strongest emotion in the human soul. But, a mother never gets over losing her child. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, how old her child was when they died, or the reason they were taken away. Grief does not ever expire. Never tell a mother who’s child DIED, to move on or get over it or be happy, because she live with it every single day. The worst pain a mother can go through is having to give her blessing back to heaven. Aside from , she has to learn hie her journey, for the reason that different lives are connected to her.  What if the child comes back? What if her dead soul give  vibes, that she is alive?

So, here’s the short movie directed and produced by Poojitha Prasad, producer-Hanini Daddal casting Sujith Shetty and Roopa Rayappa, will leave behind you to think, was this 6min of journey spent in watching laadi, is horror or psychological disorder.

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