Lights Out-Mystery behind Tenebrous.02:42

Published on March 19, 2017

A silent night, where mosquitoes burble, owls hoot, you switch off the lights before you just go to sleep, you suddenly see somebody’s shadow  and hear rampant footsteps, it will make your mind go crazy, sweating all over and you just freak out. Your worse childhood scares of a dark night haunts you. To make you confront this feeling, David .F. Sandberg, co-producer, director, writer, has brought you  a Swedish supernatural horror short film called “LIGHTS OUT”.

This movie starring Lotta Losten was released on 30th of December 2013 on both Vimeo and YouTube, which was later turned into a whole-hog movie in 2016. The short film was the basis of an agnomenous 2016 film adaption. If your  watching this short film alone on a dark night, you will surely think twice  before you switch off the lights.

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