MAA- A Tamil short film on teen pregnancy.28:06

Published on February 1, 2018

‘MAA’, the first word that we utter when we are being thought how to speak. Out of seven beautiful words discovered in English, mother is one of them. A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take in our lives.

This Tamil short film which reflects over teen pregnancy is must watch for parents. This movie is directed by KM Sarjun after releasing his short film Lakshmi. Maa, from Ondraga Entertainment, is a story of 15 year-old girl playing around her cherubbish days gets pregnant, which is an interdiction topic in our society. Yet it is not something which can be ignored, but there’s always a way to handle immature incidents happening around us rather than taking assertions on women sexuality outrageously. The film is about the relationship between a mother and a daughter, when her daughter reveals about her having unprotected sex with her schoolmate, result is pregnant and her reaction over her child’s teen pregnancy. The entire short film reflects over mother’s decision where she is glued between the two worlds, one in which she has to keep up her conservative thoughts and respect regarding her family and the other where she has to put in her trust into her daughter and support her in her crucial days. yet journey’s end aren’t found with easy journey’s beginning, because Ammu’s(Anikha) father was a middle class man, college lecturer who had regressive beliefs about his daughter wearing shorts during hockey practice and fraternization among girls and boys inside and outside the college. The role played by Ammu also depicts importance of sex education and adult sexuality among the adolescent brains. These days, we somewhere lack in providing knowledge where it has become must among young minds due to drastic change in generation. The huge generation gap between a parent and child has to be filled to find the connectivity among themselves so that they can educate their children without harming their emotions and provide protection to them.

The most interesting here is when ammu asks her mother to bring child into this world, patiently replies to her that one must bring child in this world only when one is ready. A child shouldn’t be in an atmosphere of fear and hate when he/she open her/his eyes. Maa is a fabulous movie that supports emotionally, physically and provides support that an adolescents require when they grow up. The mother shows her anger but also expresses her love, trust and feelings in her child. At the end, she teaches her daughter that when you commit a mistake you must always think 10x,but if you are girl, you must think 100x, this shows where our society teaches us that a girl has to face all the flaws when the story is been created from both the sides. The short film has also upheld the emotions by showing the response of the boy(Hari) who makes Ammu pregnant by making him feel sorry towards her. But his life carry’s out to be the same, so her mother teaches her to move on, live her life freely without being held back at home in shame.

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