Paroksh-Tulu ‘Horror’ film, which will make you flummoxed till the end.12:21

Published on April 14, 2017

Paroksh-which means oblique, oblique to our eyes, beyond which we cannot see things. It makes us see things which we actually want to see, haunted by these kind of thoughts, a family of three living in acreage, somewhere in a part of Karnataka, is suddenly disturbed by the whimper of a baby under a coconut tree. The cry of the baby scattered sometimes in the morning, or sometimes in the late evenings.  There were no signs of baby or any human being in and around the plantations. The family under fear performed many rituals, thinking that the coconut tree was bedeviled. Our society is tied up with various superstitions, which make us conduct different rituals beyond our imagination, sometimes.

This horror movie, directed by Ganesh Shetty and produced by Drishyam Films, starring Amit Sial, Pooja Upasana and Yateen Karyekar is  based on  a real life incident. It will involve you so deeply into it, until the climax will leave you baffled, with a pretty smile on your face and  make you tell-‘oh my god’.

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