Petal-One step to make earth laugh with flowers.06:30

Published on April 27, 2017

Love for animation! Petal- A soft gentle word which make us chiaroscuro about a beautiful garden within our hearts. By plucking a petals of her, we do not gather beauty of flower. Petal, is an animated short film directed and produced by Andrea Gallo and Alvaro Dominguez is about two girls- utopian bunny (Pan) and sceptical cat (Robin), where a pretty flower ties them together. The story is about the little bunny chasing behind her alluring flower trolley, to save it from wicked word. But what is it going to do with a flower? And how it is going to protect it? Our present mankind, rather than planting a seedling, is planning to destroy forest. So let’s watch how this little bunny will bring tiny change ¬†among us by its bitsy effort.

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