‘Section 392’- Award winning crime thriller13:43

Published on June 4, 2017

The Kannada short film ‘Section 392’ is a crime thriller, based on true events. It tells a story of two college friends who easily involve in crime for money.

The short film opens with voiceover which gives the idea of scene where police seems to be thrashing someone while investigating the case. The story is about two friends Subash and Raghu. Who are involved in doing illegal things for money. Raghu is ready to do anything just to become rich at the earliest. Subash seems to be clueless whether the path they chose is right, but he blindly follows Raghu. They both meet a dealer for their next work. After finishing the work Raghu tells Subash that, all the work is done by them and someone else earns all the money. So as a result of greed and frustration they both aim for something big but their fate had different plans, as the incident turns out to be a realising point for both of them. How can the students who were involved in doing illegal things by not thinking much about the right or wrong before, can realise what they were doing was completely wrong has been depicted well and is a must watch in the short film.

The Kannada short film ‘section 392’ also shows that how students can be misguided and fall prey to the greed of money easily. The short film is directed by Dinesh. It has won many awards including Best film award at Shankar Nag short film festival.

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