Tips for the Amateur Actors to get into the Limelight

Published on September 7, 2017

Acting is a tool using which you not just express your emotions but your personality as well. If you have chosen acting as your career then you have a long way to go. There are endless things to learn and experience. There more you learn and feel, the better you can express. It’s an intense and long process.

Many reputed acting schools are available out there with fascinating courses like Learn the A to Z of acting in 1 month or so and usually they charge huge money and everyone can’t afford it. So, should you take this as a disappointing thing? No, not at all! You can practice the craft on your own and celebrate your triumph later saving big money.

Meet and talk to more people, embrace more characters, get into more lives and voila! Here are some effective acting tips for the amateur actors that can help them reach a significant position in the industry.

  • Eyes on the complete script – Acting is not just about understanding your own character and saying the dialogues written for you. You need to go through the other characters and their dialogues to get the essence of the whole scene. When you understand the emotions of the characters around you, your expressions will be edged.
  • Live the character – Don’t just know and feel the character but live it to express better. If you are playing a role of a laborer then you must feel his hardships, efforts, despair, and dedication.
  • Practice Everyday – Like a sportsman practices his skills every day to stay on the edge and perform consistently or better, you also need to work on your voice, attitude, expressions, reactions and body postures every day to survive in the race.
  • Stand-up is a great idea – Many workshops or acting classes teach a candidate to try the stand-up comedy or speech. This helps an amateur actor make better eye contact with the audience and eliminate his stage or camera fear. One can speak his heart out being confident in front of hundreds of people and that will definitely improve his acting skills for a film.
  • Watch the Legends – Legends may teach you what any acting school in the world may not. Make a regime for watching few wonderful performances by the legends like Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Daniel Day-Lewis, Al Pacino,
    Robert De Niro and many others.
  • Never Leave an audition – The most unfortunate moment for an actor is missing a big opportunity by leaving an audition considering it little. Acting is a totally unpredictable career. You never know what’s coming for you. Auditions inspire you and boost your confidence.

If spending big bucks could churn out good actors then the global film industry would have been a paradise which is not the case at present. Every career demands hard work and dedication. The aforementioned acting tips for the amateur actors will embellish their overall personality and edge their skills. At least they are worth a try.

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