Umbrella-An alluring message of kindness.11:23

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Published on May 9, 2017

Being a rich country, still somewhere hit by some poverty, we people are unaware of the difficulties around us, where thousands of people are urged for one time meal in a day. Where, young boys from various villages come to city in hunt of jobs to earn some dollars. Such a small amount, which is counted as a part of chum change for the kids belonging to healthy backgrounds is the livelihood for the entire family of the poor. Their survival depends on this few dollars. This short film co-written and directed by Priyashankar  Ghosh and Kundan Roy casting Ajith Singh Mehta(avduth) and Sonu Anand(delivery boy) ascond trails a beautiful message around millions. When we look around an indigent, why do we always have to think that money is the only thing that will compensate their lives? Why don’t we sometimes share our kindness and lend a helping hand for them to stand firm on their legs. Analogously, Avduth just leaves behind an umbrella without uttering a word to a delivery boy, being amicable. Yes! Money would do help him, but that would be for one shot. Again, he had to be in same situation. Definitely! It makes the viewers more curious. Sometimes, a bit of care and kindness can console a human rather than money.

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