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Published on March 27, 2017

In  the  present culture of India, a new vogue has been started called ‘live in’ consanguinity. Where, we experience a mixture of different feelings which isn’t so much calumniating. This kinship can be a successful one or a sad rift- this  phase of life isn’t so pleasant as it is healing one’s scars to  move on, which doesn’t give rad vibes for the people involved in it,  also reluctantly reflects  a scenario that reality is  gyrating into memories.

Here’s the short film “ White Shirt” directed by Sumit Aroraa, starring  Kritika Kamra and Kunal Kapoor, where  Kunal is acting as her live-in boyfriend. The plenary melodrama attached to Kamra’s  fettered hearts remarkably makes herself  strong. We can witness that she never sheds a tear and makes herself a stalwart woman with  a nitty gritty of self respect in her eyes. She does covet  for him silently by feeling all the  memories she had, which were connected to white shirt.

It also reflects soft, sheeply, wicked and sly face of kunal who takes her feelings for granted. Kamra’s demeanor of taking decision for her own, deliberately without spelling out a word has made this short movie a knockout. That makes EVERY girl to watch it. This amusing movie will make you decide whether love and letting go is a right decision or not.

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